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What an A/C Install Process looks like.

This past week we installed a new A/C at one of our long-time customers. Ever wonder what the process looks like from beginning to end? Here are a few steps we take to replace an A/C.

1. Our team will contact you and arrange a convenient date for installation. 2. Upon arrival, our team will speak with the manager on-site to ensure a smooth installation process. 3. For safety reasons, we will turn off the power supply to any existing HVAC systems that may interfere with the installation process. 4. Once the power is turned off, we will safely disconnect and remove any old equipment. 5. In case of heavy equipment, our team will use a crane to drop the old AC unit and the curb adapter. 6. We will then install the new equipment in the appropriate location, connect it to the existing ductwork, and wire it accordingly. To ensure sufficient load capacity, we will install disconnect boxes at each unit. 7. Our team will then run wires through the unit and connect them. 8. After that, we will tie down the unit and the curb adapter to ensure stability. 9. We will build the drain line and connect it to the unit. 10. To complete the installation process, we will restore power to the unit and turn it on. 11. Before completing the installation process, we will pressurize the system and test various functions to ensure that your system works correctly and there are no leaks. 12. We will also ensure that the unit comes down to the desired temperature and the unit kicks off when satisfied. 13. After all paperwork is completed, the lead installer will schedule an inspection with your local jurisdiction to review our work and confirm that everything meets local and state codes.
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