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  • Ice Machine Install

    The crushed ice everyone knows and loves  Today we switched out an old Scotsman ice machine with a new icetro  for our longtime customer Tijuana Flats at their Cooper City location. Happy Taco Tuesday!

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  • Coil Cleaning

    Cleaning the coils of a reach in cooler is an imperative task to keep the unit running efficiently.

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  • Ice Machine Maintenance

    Maintaining a clean and well-functioning commercial ice machine is crucial for a restaurant’s operations and customer satisfaction. Regular cleaning and maintenance help ensure the production of safe and high-quality ice for beverages and food preservation. It’s definitely a great practice to have a regular maintenance schedule with a professional service provider for your ice machine.…

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  • MUA Install

    Out with the old, in with the new! This week we replaced the make up air at Tijuana Flats Weston The old system was outdated and no longer efficient, causing discomfort for both employees and customers. The new make up air system not only provides fresh air circulation but also regulates temperature and humidity levels,…

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  • PMs

    By implementing regular preventative maintenance for air conditioning systems, businesses can avoid uncomfortable conditions for customers and employees, leading to decreased productivity and potential loss of revenue if an AC unit goes down. Regularly changing and cleaning air filters is crucial for maintaining the efficiency of AC units. Dirty filters can block airflow, reducing cooling…

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  • WIC Install

    This week we replaced the walk-in beer cooler at Miller’s Alehouse in Pembroke Pines. The new walk-in beer cooler has improved insulation and temperature control, ensuring that the beers are kept at their optimal temperature at all times. The installation process went smoothly, thanks to our experienced team of technicians who handled everything from dismantling…

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  • The importance of maintaining your A/C

    It is crucial to pay attention to the smaller items during preventive maintenance (PM) as they can significantly contribute to the proper functioning of the air conditioning system. While these items may go unnoticed, they play a vital role in ensuring the overall performance and efficiency of the system.  For instance, regularly cleaning and replacing…

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  • Ice Machine Install

    This week, our team successfully completed the replacement of two Manitowoc ice machine condensers, evaporators, and bins at Chili’s Miami Lakes location. We would like to express our gratitude towards Baker Distributing Company for providing us with the necessary equipment for this project. Additionally, we  would like to extend our thanks to Hunter Merchant for…

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  • Hurricane Season

    As hurricane season approaches it is time to be prepared. As we do every year, it is time to advise as to how to properly prepare for a potential hurricane or even a tropical storm. These Florida storms have the potential to do unbelievable damage to things that may not be visible to the naked…

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