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  • Reach in cooler and freezer coils.

    Over time, dirt and debris get sucked into your coil and coat your condenser coil. This makes it difficult for the condenser coil to do its job because it is harder to transfer heat to the outside coil when the coil is covered with dirt. Dirty coils can cost you in many ways. It will…

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  • Spring Cleaning

    Spring is almost here and what better way to start your spring cleaning than to get your A/C evaporator and condenser coils cleaned! Many folks don’t realize how much dust and dirt accumulate over time and if you have pets, forget it! With almost everyone being energy efficient nowadays, you don’t realize how inefficient it…

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  • High Efficiency Air Conditioners

    Today’s residential air conditioning units are leaps and bounds better than ones produced even just a few years ago. With the advent of ECM motors, larger coils, two stage compressors, etc the cost savings can be huge on your utility bill. But there is more to upgrading your home a/c unit with higher SEER unit.…

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  • Preventative Maintenance

    What is Preventative Maintenance? Preventative maintenance for  air conditioning and refrigeration units is the most savvy and cost-effective way to keep your units in good operating condition and dollars in your pocket. Investing in an affordable professional preventative maintenance plan covers all the bases . The bottom line is that industry studies have demonstrated that…

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  • Air Balance

    Humidity brings with it a plethora of problems. Mold and decreased “creature comfort” are the biggest. Condensation on vents, coolers, and any cold service is another. Higher than normal utility bills can also become a concern. This brings me to the point of (unfortunately) not sitting around an enjoying the paradise weather that we enjoy…

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