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Anti-slip tape is ideal for high-traffic areas where safety is a concern.

When high-traffic areas require anti-slip tape replacement, rely on us for the repair. This is not our typical HVAC+R job but we are always happy to help a customer in need. Today we replaced the anti-slip tape for two walk-in coolers at one of our customers’ locations in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

Slip and fall injuries are a common occurrence in kitchens and dining areas where food, beverages, oils, or other liquids can spill. Moreover, floor drains can get clogged, or pipes under sinks can leak, which adds to the risk of injuries. One way to prevent injuries caused by slick surfaces is to place anti-slip tapes around the workspace.

Anti-slip tapes provide numerous benefits. They improve bonding and cushioning between the bottom of shoes or boots and a walking surface. Using noticeable, brightly patterned tape is essential to draw attention to areas that may be prone to tripping or slipping.